1. Smartmatic demonstrated its election technology at Kyrgyzstan’s electoral fair in October 2013

    Kyrgyzstan, November 25th 2013.- Smartmatic, the elections company, is always keen to show electoral commissions how its technology can help them hold efficient, accurate and legitimate elections. The hardware and software it has created and...[more]

  2. Programming geniuses went head to head during Smartmatic CONNECT 2013

    Caracas, October 13th 2013.- Some 100 students of computer sciences (and related majors) from several Venezuelan universities proved their knowledge and passion for programming during the Smartmatic CONNECT 2013 Marathon, which took place on Sunday,...[more]

  3. Smartmatic presented the benefits of automation at CLEI 2013

    Caracas, October 11th 2013. Why should we automate elections? was the title of the presentation given by Smartmatic’s Product Manager Rui Santos during the XXXIX Latin American Computing Conference (CLEI 2013). This annual event gathers...[more]

  4. Smartmatic participated in the 22nd annual ACEEEO

    Warsaw, September 23th 2013.- Smartmatic presented the social impact the adoption of e-voting has had in Venezuela, during the 22nd annual conference of the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO). The event, which took place in Warsaw,...[more]

  5. Smart Cities: Sustainable development and quality of life for urbanites

    Caracas, August 20th, 2013.- According to figures provided by the UN, the population living in cities will go from the current 3.2 billion to close to 5 billion by 2030; this is, 3 out of 5 people will live in an urban centre. It is estimated that...[more]

  6. Smartmatic participates in VoteID 2013

    Surrey, July 19th 2013.- Smartmatic was present during the fourth edition of VoteID 2013, an international conference on e-voting and identity that took place at the University of Surrey, southwest England, from July 17th to the 19th....[more]

  7. Automation and the challenges of the International Electoral Community

    Pointe aux Piments, June 8th 2013.- The organization of efficient and transparent voting processes is one of the great challenges faced by electoral organisms in the 21st century. Luckily, automation, an irreversible global trend, is providing...[more]

  8. Filipinos cast 766,672,141 votes in 10 hours

    Manila, June 3rd 2013.- On May 13, in only 10 hours, 766,672,141 votes were cast in the Philippines to elect 18,022 national and local officials during their 2013 midterm elections.Smartmatic, world leader in elections automation, provided...[more]

  9. Marco Huberts joins Smartmatic

    London, May 6th 2013.- Smartmatic, a leading global provider of technology and services for automated elections, has announced the appointment of Marco Huberts as President of its Europe, Middle East and Africa operations (EMEA). “It’s a great...[more]

  10. Carter Center: Optimal operation of the voting system guaranteed peaceful voting in Venezuela

    Caracas, March 7th 2013.- “The Venezuelan voting system has been the most solid component of the electoral process. The current system, used in the last 5 national elections, has consistently safeguarded the integrity of the automated voting...[more]