1. Election Management Bodies meet in Georgia

    Tbilisi, Georgia, February 25th 2013.- ‘Conflict Management in Electoral Processes’ – was the main topic of the third annual meeting of Election Management Bodies of Central Asia, Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, stated Zurab...[more]

  2. Venezuela: E-voting used to elect 260 offices

    Caracas, December 17 2012.- For the second time this year, Venezuelan voters exercised their right to elect State Governors and representatives to Legislative Councils through a sophisticated electronic e-voting system that enabled electoral...[more]

  3. ICPS and Smartmatic deliver specialized training course in Electoral Processes

    London, December 01 2012.- The prestigious International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS)  recently delivered the 6th Professional Certificate in Electoral Processes, as part of the specialized training program, offered by the...[more]

  4. Smartmatic to assist Haiti upgrading its Civil Registration and National ID

    Port-au-Prince, Haiti, November 19, 2012.- The government of Haiti has announced it is partnering with Smartmatic to continue efforts toward the modernization, consolidation and upgrading of the country's civil and identity registry system....[more]

  5. The U.S. Should Learn From Venezuela How to Hold Elections

    This article is by Eugenio Martinez, who covers elections for Venezuela’s newspaper El Universal and is the host of the weekly radio show El Termómetro.[more]

  6. Smartmatic successfully provides electoral services in Brazil

    Brasilia, October 8, 2012.-  Smartmatic, global leader in electoral technology, provided technical and logistical support services for the municipal elections of the Latin American giant, Brazil, carried out last Sunday, October 7.  In...[more]

  7. Electronic voting, key for peaceful elections in Venezuela

    Caracas, October 8, 2012.- “The recognition of electoral results in record time honors our work and confirms the immense value of a secure, auditable voting technology that’s recognized by all political figures”. These were the words of Antonio...[more]

  8. Smartmatic ready for Venezuelan elections

    Caracas, October 4th, 2012.- Smartmatic will once again deploy its electoral technology and support services in Venezuela for the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election on October 7th.  On this day, 18,903,143 citizens will be able to vote in...[more]

  9. Carter states that the election process in Venezuela is “the best in the world”

    The former US President praised Smartmatic’s e-voting technology for allowing easier verification of the results[more]

  10. Smartmatic International Sues Dominion Voting Systems for Licensing Breach and Improper Business Practices

    Boca Raton, September 18th, 2012.- Smartmatic International, a global technology company that develops advanced voting systems to support elections worldwide, has filed suit in the Delaware Court of Chancery against Dominion Voting Systems for that...[more]