1. Statement by Smartmatic International Corporation

    September 12th, 2012.- “Last week we filed suit in Delaware Chancery Court against Dominion Voting Systems for that company’s breach of a licensing agreement and tortious interference with our business. Dominion’s actions are intended to undermine...[more]

  2. Smartmatic wins Election Services in Brazil, the largest market in Latin America

    Sao Paulo (Brazil), July 25th 2012 .- Smartmatic, a global provider of electoral solutions, announced today  it has been awarded a contract with the Superior Electoral Court of Brazil (TSE) for the continuous preventive maintenance, testing and...[more]

  3. Ecuadorians endorse Smartmatic technology

    La Esmeralda, Ecuador, July 15th, 2012.- For the first time, the National Electoral Council of Ecuador has used electronic voting with Smartmatic technology for the election of five members to the Junta Parroquial Rural [Rural Parish Council] in the...[more]

  4. Smartmatic present in EVOTE2012

    Bregenz, Austria, July 14th, 2012.- During the Fifth International Conference on Electronic Voting EVOTE2012 held from July 11th until July 14th in Castle Hofen in Lochau / Bregenz, Austria, among the many forums and activities celebrated during the...[more]

  5. Top Philippine leaders back automated polls in 2013

    Manila, Philippines, June 20th, 2012.-  The Philippines is gearing up for its second general automated elections next year as  its top leaders have  expressed strong support for the continued use of the Smartmatic's voting machines...[more]

  6. Smartmatic presented its integral transportation solution at Andinatraffic 2012

    Bogota, May 10th 2012.- Smartmatic, with its ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) solutions for urban mobility, was present in the fifth edition of the Andean Expo of Transit and Transportation Technologies, organized by Sofex Americas in...[more]

  7. Smartmatic and Green Bit selected to supply biometric enrollment solution to Mexico

    Mexico D.F., April 11, 2012.-Smartmatic, a world leader in technology solutions for Governments, and Italy based Green Bit SpA, a leading supplier of FBI certified Livescan systems, proudly announced their joint efforts to provide a biometric...[more]

  8. Smartmatic relocates worldwide headquarters to London

    London, February 29, 2012.- Smartmatic, a world leader in technology solutions for Governments, announced today the relocation of its International Headquarters to London, UK. The move represents a major step for the fast-growing technology company...[more]

  9. Automated voting takes hold in Venezuela

    Caracas, February 13th 2012.- Once again, Smartmatic's robust automated voting system was used with total success  in yet another Venezuelan election. This time an alliance of opposition parties, grouped under the banner of Coalition for...[more]

  10. Belgium to feature a new automated voting system by Smartmatic in 15-year contract

    Brussels, January 30th, 2012.- Belgian federal and regional governments of Flanders and Brussels have chosen Smartmatic as the technology provider to supply - for 15 years - its innovative automated election system, starting with the local elections...[more]