1. Carter Center lauds 1st Philippine nation-wide automated election with Smartmatic’s technology

    Manila, August 10th, 2011.- The Carter Center, a global peace and health advocacy nongovernment organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, deployed a limited electoral observation mission to the 2010 Philippines' May 10 election as part of its...[more]

  2. Where’s E-Voting Heading To?

    Bogota, August 9th, 2011.- Just as the universe is always changing and as our planet and all living things evolve, society is in constant evolution. That conglomerate of individuals who share ideas, traditions, information, foundations and...[more]

  3. Biometry: identification and safety for enterprises

    Mexico City, August 6th 2011.- Technologies that could only be seen in science fiction movies are today a reality for governments and enterprises all over the world. Iris scanning, the recognition of faces or veins in a finger: these are just...[more]

  4. Clima de Negocios interviews Smartmatic's Carlos González

    Buenos Aires, August 6 2011.- In the following video you can watch the interview Carlos González (Sales Director of Smartmatic in Argentina) gave to the Argentine show Clima de Negocios, where he presented the multiple benefits of electronic voting...[more]

  5. Cities worldwide destined to save billions while becoming more livable

    Boca Raton, July 14th 2011.- Picture yourself living in a city where roads have sensors that detect traffic density in real time, and send information to your vehicle so it can decide on a route automatically; or a safe city where you can walk the...[more]

  6. Smartmatic showcases advanced public safety platform in Thailand expo

    The Phillipines, July 8th 2011.- Smartmatic is all set for the Asian unveiling of its revolutionary public safety solution at SecuTech 2011 Thailand, the first and the biggest security, fire and safety trade fair in the region. Known as USP-Unified...[more]

  7. Smartmatic appoints Luis Vecchi as president for Mercosur and Mexico

    Boca Ratón, June 8th 2011.- Smartmatic has announced that Luis Vecchi joined its Board of Directives as President of Sales for Mercosur (including Ecuador) and Mexico. Vecchi, who has 20 years of experience in international sales, has the...[more]

  8. Smartmatic signs deal for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Colombia worth US$370 million

    Boca Raton (Florida), May 15, 2011.- Cartagena, the most important touristic and cultural district of Colombia, selected joint-venture partners Smartmatic and Dataprom, for the task of implementing and operating an automated fare collection and...[more]

  9. Microsoft certifies Smartmatic's SmartCAD® application

    Caracas, May 12 2011.- Microsoft Corporation granted its certification to Smartmatic's USP SmartCAD® (an application that covers the full cycle of emergency response operations) as part of their Microsoft Platform Ready Program, aimed at independent...[more]

  10. Telos ID offers enhanced Smartmatic portable biometric enrollment platform

    Ashburn, Virginia, May 3, 2011.- Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC (Telos® ID) is now offering a new version of the Smartmatic® PARmobile® enrollment platform, a mobile, all-in-one identity enrollment and capture solution. "The new...[more]