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Election authority from Venezuela and Smartmatic initiate audit plan to the automated system

Caracas, October 31, 2005. ?
On October 28, 2005, the first audit phase of the automated voting system was initiated, as well as the assessment of the source code of the SAES machines which will be used in the parliamentary elections to be held in Venezuela on December 4.

The analysis was carried out at the offices of Smartmatic and included an assessment of the methodology to be used in the audit process, observation of the function of the machines, contingency and data plans, and the development of the electronic signature of the software. Likewise, the National Election Council from Venezuela (CNE) and the organizations with political ends defined the keys to create the programming and data of the voting units.

The creation of shared passwords involves the selection by the political party representatives of a combination of characters, in order to constitute half of the code, which will protect the program as well as the data content in the SAES machine. The other half is selected by the election organization. Only when the two halves are joined is access allowed to information about the program and data in each voting equipment.

The audits for the election of the National Assembly which is the fourth consecutive election conducted in Venezuela with Smartmatic?s election technology, will be executed in five phases: source code (October 28 and 29), production (November 17 and 18), pre-dispatch (November 27), on site or closing (December 4) and post-election (from December 4 to December 11).

This first phase included audits of the software of the voting machines; observation of the source codes and data; and configuration of the electronic signature which certifies the authenticity of the data.

Once the evaluation is performed with the participation of CNE, Smartmatic technicians and representatives of the political parties, all the information is inserted in a voting machine. This unit will be available to the technicians of the political parties, with the aim of performing the specific inspection of the source code. The unit will be available for this analysis until the second phase is initiated, which will consist of the inspection of the totalization application.

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