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Caracas- October 15, 2008. - On October 5, the ruling electoral institution in Venezuela known as the National Electoral Council (CNE by its acronym in Spanish) and Smartmatic, jointly carried out a successful engineering test on the electoral platform to be used on the regional elections on November 23.

SAES is the auditable voting system deployed by Smartmatic in combination with CANTV, Movilnet and the CNE. During the test aspects such as performance, reliability and tolerance to SAES flaws on the result transmission platform were evaluated.

For the test all the electoral juntas that will be working on November 23 were enabled (335 at a municipal level, 23 at a regional level and two in the metropolitan area, as well as 335 voting centers)and there were 566 fixed CANTV operative lines, 74 CDMA 1x modems and 55 satellite points. According to the technical report issued by the CNE, connectivity between the voting centers (with SAES machines) and the tallying stations was carried out without inconveniences trough the data network.   

Besides, effectiveness in communications between the juntas, the chosen voting centers (1 per each municipality in the country) and the electoral body were also tested. Likewise, data reception in the National Tallying Center and in the alternative transmission centers was verified.

Finally, transmission was tested using different scenarios such as power outage. However, results were successfully retrieved, thus ensuring that the voting machines can guarantee full effectiveness during the regional elections for governor, mayors and representatives to the municipal and legislative councils. 

The engineering test confirmed that both Smartmatic and the CNE continue supporting evaluations and audits to the technological platform in favor of successful electoral events using SAES.

*Official data from CNE

About Smartmatic

Smartmatic is a multinational company that designs and deploys technological solutions aimed at helping governments fulfill, in the most efficient way, their commitments with their citizens. It is one of the largest cutting-edge technology suppliers, with a wide and proven experience in the United States, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Smartmatic aims to help societies become more efficient and transparent, through technological innovations and it is responsible for several top and advanced innovations available in the market around three business areas: electronic auditable voting systems, intelligent and integrated security platforms, and advanced solutions for people registration and authentication for a wide range of government applications.

Smartmatic is a company that has more than 250 employees distributed in offices in The United States, Barbados, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Philippines and Taiwan.