1. What is Smartmatic?

    Smartmatic is a privately-owned, multinational company that designs and deploys technological solutions to help governments to fulfill their commitments with their citizens. It is a fast-growing, cutting-edge technology and services supplier with...[En savoir plus]

  2. How many offices and employees does Smartmatic have?

    Smartmatic employs over 600 professionals who assist election commissions from offices in the United States, The Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Panama, Barbados, Brazil, Venezuela, Australia, Philippines, Argentina, Haiti, Brazil, United Arab...[En savoir plus]

  3. What services does Smartmatic offer?

    Electoral Solutions The solutions comprised in this area of Smartmatic’s portfolio offers Election Management Bodies (EMB) a suite of technology and services to facilitate the administration of the different stages of the election. There are four...[En savoir plus]

  4. How is the Smartmatic structure? Who are the members of Smartmatic’s Board of Directors?

    Smartmatic has an international ownership structure comparable to many multi-national companies. This structure was designed so that Smartmatic can operate efficiently and effectively in different markets and regions around the world. The Board of...[En savoir plus]

  5. What are Smartmatic vision and mission?

    VISION The future of democracy is digital MISSION Smartmatic's mission is to increase integrity in the democratic process. We increase citizen engagement and trust, enabling better societies and better governments.[En savoir plus]

  6. What has been the experience of Smartmatic in the world?

    Smartmatic was founded in USA in 2000. Since it has registered and counted over 3.7 billion votes in election processes in five continents. Smartmatic has helped conduct elections in Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and the United States....[En savoir plus]

  7. What differentiates Smartmatic in the market?

    It is a company that creates and deploys innovative technology to solve the specific problems of a particular society, guaranteeing more efficient and transparent processes, from start to finish, for governments and its citizens. Smartmatic has...[En savoir plus]

  8. Is any government / ruler a Smartmatic shareholder?

    No. Smartmatic is 100% privately owned and has no financial ties to governments.Smartmatic is a private and independent technology provider and it maintains as a strict corporate policy not to proffer political opinions in any country.No ruler or...[En savoir plus]

  9. Does Smartmatic only provide technology and products?

    Smartmatic goes far beyond the sale of equipment and software. It has the know-how and experience to provide a full range of consulting and supervisory services. High-level consulting to electoral authorities, training of personnel such as poll...[En savoir plus]

  10. What are Smartmatic’s most important recent achievements?

    Many technologies introduced by Smartmatic in the fields of electronic voting and are now industry standards and in many cases mandatory requirements.Since 2004, Smartmatic has counted more votes than any other private company. It has recorded more...[En savoir plus]